Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To Tat or Not to Tat? That is the Question.

Last year I added a second tattoo to my collection of body ink-art. I really love the image I chose (after I altered it a bit to suite my taste). The artist was capable enough to enlarge the image I wanted, add a few twinkle stars, and a little more color. Vwalla. I love how bright the colors are here. I'll, for sure, be lathering up with sunscreen this summer to keep the insignia from fading.

Even though I went with stars on my shoulder, I originally wanted to carefully place black stars on the top of my foot. 5 to be exact. One for each of my children and another for my husband (the biggest star in my life!)

I want something a little like this:

Or this...

Maybe this Spring will be the perfect time to gather the many different renditions I have of my favorite shape, and take them to Everlasting Impressions for my finale tattoo. I wonder if this time I will need to bring a leather strap to chew on, so I won't grind my teeth to the bone...I've heard the foot is a killer to be inked over.
Well, wish me luck!


Ames said...

So, when are you doing the new tat? I like stars, I'm excited to see what you come up with. Knowing you, you'll come up with stars that match your kids/husband's personalities.

The Crow Family said...

Ames, that's exactly what I plan to do...get different stars that express the different personalities of the kidos. Of course, the one that represents JB will be the biggest! haha!