Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Earth to Emily

My life the last several weeks has been the most hectic I have ever encountered. Attending Anatomy and Physiology 102 this summer has proven to take more out of me than I imagined. I have never studied more or functioned on as little sleep as I have during this time. I've never had trouble falling asleep either, except while I've been taking this class. I guess my brain won't shut off, so even when I'm completely exhausted, I will lay in my bed for hours thinking about all the terms and organs I need to know.

I've had little time to run...and my body can feel it. She longs for the expansion of the lungs that allow her to stretch and breathe deeply. I feel like my life is just surrounded by body parts and physiological terms I must memorize for the next upcoming test.

Since I'm taking the class during the summer, the course is crammed into an 8 week period instead of 16, and regardless of this time crunch, the material is the same. Once I finish studying for one test, I take it and then turn around and start studying for the next one. I'm literally taking 9 tests in an 8 week period. *sigh*. Needless to say, I'll be so glad when it's over and I can relax a bit before fall semester. On a positive note, once I finish this class I can apply for the nursing program starting in the spring. I'm so excited, especially to see that all my hard work has lead me to my ultimate goal. I will breath a sigh of relief once I am accepted and I start nursing school FOR REAL!

But until then, I must plug along. I haven't fallen off the face if the earth, yet...just stuck in my own little universe until finals, and then I will descend back to my home planet. Check out what I'm working on this week!

Anatomy of the kidney - the most recent of organs I must know inside and out - literally!~

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great Maters

Colby and his Marigolds he planted from seed. This is ONE plant! (plus 3 jalapenos pepper plants)

Colby peaking through at the 2 little maters starting to bud!

Colby standing by the ever growing patio garden.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


The dream is still alive; put on hold for a few days due to school, and a most important visit to meet my niece in Columbus. Sometimes life gets in the way of the things we want, and need, to accomplish...but stopping the progress of the thing that matters most, is an unfortunate faux pas. Moving forward, putting one foot in front of the other, and gathering strength to cross over the line previously drawn as a marker of the most recent progress, is how we survive. This is how we succeed in a world filled with roadblocks and barriers, most of which we put up ourselves.

So I took a detour.

My running program was delayed for a few days as I did a little slick maneuvering around the events that life had presented as more important than my current travel plans. Sometimes we need to take the scenic route, without looking at the map, to enjoy the journey to our ultimate destination. Just like the Sunday drives I so fondly remember as a child...hours of aimlessly driving down twisty back roads had always seemed to lead us back to the home-front, leaving us feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle life head-on.

Week 7 is back on, after studying for a big test and, more importantly, a 24 hour hiatus to hold a brand new baby. (Holding brand new babies trumps EVERYTHING!) Running 25 minutes straight for all three workouts has proven to take much will-power. The first 3 minutes seem to be a breeze, until the leg burn...oh that burn...then once I get passed 10 minutes...it's a cinch.

So don't be alarmed, I'm back on track after a quick detour, and feeling better than ever!

Twenty Five

I'm not 25 anymore...this I feel more than ever as I suspiciously glance at the little spider legs forming in the v-lines of my eyes. As I begin to cover the freckles that have grown in mass numbers on my face over the years, I stop myself with the realization of their beauty. Tiny specks that had once been referred to as "polka dots", have earned their right to dwell on my face, arms, legs...no, not my butt (Ethan), and deserve respect.

How could I cover the very thing that defines me?

How could I take away the part of me that makes me unique?

Am I willing to give up the nick-name I have so rightfully earned...Freckle face?

Closing my compact with a firm click, I vowed to proudly display the beautiful brown speckles that I've inherited from generations of red-heads with porcelain skin. I pledge to never glare at the freckle on my lip again...instead I will love the place she chose to make her home, and gloss her over with shiny color to allow her to shimmer and shine.

No I'm not 25 anymore, but does that really matter when there are more important things to do...like counting freckles?