Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Earth to Emily

My life the last several weeks has been the most hectic I have ever encountered. Attending Anatomy and Physiology 102 this summer has proven to take more out of me than I imagined. I have never studied more or functioned on as little sleep as I have during this time. I've never had trouble falling asleep either, except while I've been taking this class. I guess my brain won't shut off, so even when I'm completely exhausted, I will lay in my bed for hours thinking about all the terms and organs I need to know.

I've had little time to run...and my body can feel it. She longs for the expansion of the lungs that allow her to stretch and breathe deeply. I feel like my life is just surrounded by body parts and physiological terms I must memorize for the next upcoming test.

Since I'm taking the class during the summer, the course is crammed into an 8 week period instead of 16, and regardless of this time crunch, the material is the same. Once I finish studying for one test, I take it and then turn around and start studying for the next one. I'm literally taking 9 tests in an 8 week period. *sigh*. Needless to say, I'll be so glad when it's over and I can relax a bit before fall semester. On a positive note, once I finish this class I can apply for the nursing program starting in the spring. I'm so excited, especially to see that all my hard work has lead me to my ultimate goal. I will breath a sigh of relief once I am accepted and I start nursing school FOR REAL!

But until then, I must plug along. I haven't fallen off the face if the earth, yet...just stuck in my own little universe until finals, and then I will descend back to my home planet. Check out what I'm working on this week!

Anatomy of the kidney - the most recent of organs I must know inside and out - literally!~

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