Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Great Maters

Colby and his Marigolds he planted from seed. This is ONE plant! (plus 3 jalapenos pepper plants)

Colby peaking through at the 2 little maters starting to bud!

Colby standing by the ever growing patio garden.


Becky said...

i wanted to stop by and say hello. and ask - is that playground for real? and can you seriously just walk off your porch and play on it? sigh. our closest playground that cool is two miles away and the local teenagers have decided to illustrate it. not just swear words and signatures for us - nope - full on drawings...of everything... EVERYTHING...sorry, rambling on. anyhoo - nice to "meet" you. and happy tomato growing to you. bb

Ames said...

Sweet loving plant! What a sweet little garden and a sweet little boy.