Saturday, November 15, 2008


Why the title Peanut-Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, you ask?

How many ways can you make a PB&J sandwich? Hundreds! This might seem like one of the easiest tasks known to man, however if you think about it, there are so many choices, varieties and combinations. Just choosing the bread alone can be tiresome! Wheat, white, whole grain, fat-free, potato (ewe, gross) and rye (even grosser)? And then, there's the peanut-butter; smooth, crunchy, extra crunchy, fat-free, organic, Jiffy, Great Value, Peter Pan...and yes, there is a difference in taste when it comes to different brands.

Now comes the many different varieties of jellies, jams, and marmalade's; grape, raspberry (seedless or red?), strawberry, peach...the list goes on and on. What about the Palanter Fruit combobulation?...that stuff makes me ill. Honey, anyone? My mom always made peanut-butter and honey sandwiches for my school lunches...yummy!

Not to mention the fact that there are those who add a different spin to the traditional making of the sandwich. Some love to add sliced bananas, chips, bacon and other various toppings. This adds spice, flavor and character to the sandwich!

The point is this: Life is like a Peanut-Butter and Jelly Sandwich. Everyone has a different perspective and opinion on what makes a good PB&J, however regardless of how you look at it, it's still a PB&J! The same it true for life. Just like a PB&J sandwich, our lives are what we make of it.

For me, I love a good PB&J on soft white bread with crunchy, Jiff peanut butter, and seedless raspberry jam. It must be sliced in half, with Doritos on the side and a tall glass of 2% milk to wash it all down.

If you think about it though, this might not be true for my fellow neighbors. They may totally dislike the way I choose to make my sandwich (or live my life), however it doesn't mean that I'm wrong in my choices. It certainly doesn't mean that they are wrong either. When we all get together to make PB&J sandwiches together...

...or in other words, pass one another on the street, stand in line at the grocery or share the open road...

...I'd like to think that I can make my sandwich my way and they make there's their way and we can all enjoy ourselves despite our differences. At least that's the way it should be. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all accept each other regardless of the way we make a PB&J sandwich? Maybe someday we will.

But, until then, I'll be making mine the way I like it!

You want to know the best part? Here's the big secret! You can always change your mind and make your sandwich different from time to time. Try new toppings or flavors, making it different ways until you get it just the way you like it! How true is that for life? So true!~



Ames said...

Fun to have your own blog isn't it. Though your looks like its going to discuss a bit more complicated and thoughtful matters than mine (frequently with nothing more to say than look at my new craft project).
The whole PB&J thing is a cute analogy. The only problem is when the PB&J tackles difference in preference/belief about a basic moral code... are we to accept that there are people out there who think genicide is appropriate (and act on it) or who think they will be 'saved' because they kill a certain amount of people? Just had to throw that out.
Looking forward to reading more!

The Crow Family said...

Great thought! I hadn't looked at it that way...yet.
Of course with a world filled with such diverse ethics and viewpoints, it's hard to accept the idea that it's OKAY to aggree with those who commit violent acts against humanity. It's even harder to chalk it up to "Oh well, that's their beliefs, I guess I have to accept it." I, for one, do not accept that behavior nor believe it's appropriate.

I guess as far as my 'sandwich' analogy goes, I'd have to say that those who carry beliefs that are criminal or harmful to others, is a whole different type of a Pricker Bush with Poison between to slices of hate and crazyness. :)

My thoughts are directed to the many different political, religous and other views that make us all different. Just as there are several different kinds of jelly, there are many different ways to view any one subject. I like diversity and I embrace others for their differences, except when it goes against the basic laws of love for one another.

That really made me think there.
Thanks, Ames!