Thursday, November 20, 2008

$1.75 - Is This For Real?

It was only a few short months ago, that I pulled up to the gas pump, dispensed a full tank of gasoline, and about had a heart attack when I realized that I had just spent

That's right!

25 gallons x $4.12 = $103.00!!! (I was really pushing it that car only holds 26 gallons!)

What is this world coming to? I was shocked! It was becoming so difficult to keep the tank full. I mean, who wants to spend that kind of money on gas?...

Remember the days when you could scrounge up a few dollars by collecting change from under the seat or in the ash tray, and just a few bucks would get you like 3 gallons?...Let's see, 3 gallons at 2o miles to the gallon would get me 60 miles...that would take me up and down Main Street... like 27 TIMES! When JB was in California for Basic Training, back in 1999, gas was only $ .77!

okay that was a tangent...focus! Where was I? Oh yea...

I was reduced to only putting in a few gallons at a time, and limiting my travel to a 5 mile radius from my home. It was becoming ridiculous!

Scoping gas prices around town had become a daily ritual. Each time I was out, I'd check to see if gas had gone up or down...I even began breathing a sigh of relief when the prices hadn't changed at all. I figured no fluctuation in price was better than it growing more expensive. The kids even started scouting for good deals, too!

Then it finally happened! The prices started to dip lower and lower, when finally, just yesterday I was able to scrounge for some change (I forgot my pocketbook) and dispense 3 gallons of gasoline, at the satisfactory price of $1.75! That's right Ladies and Gents, you heard correctly, $1.75! Ahhhhhhh! (That's the sound of relief!), if we could just get the milk prices to go down.

But...until then,

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fabulus101 said...

It's only a $1.51!!!!! I think it's great!!