Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bridging the Gap

Bittenbender's Covered Bridge
Built by Frank Monroe in 1888
Located in Huntington, PA

If you think about it, a bridge is a beautiful thing. It allows for a person to reach their desired destination without having to walk for miles searching for a better, more convenient way to cross.

...A bridge built properly, with a sturdy structure and foundation, can stand the tests of time, through all manner of inclimate weather.

...A bridge can be the link between two pieces of breathtaking countryside, allowing for the ease of travel on a beautiful Sunday drive.

...A bridge can bear the weight of many thousands of pounds, and an extreme amount of pressure.

...If constructed correctly, a bridge can bend and physically expand and contract for the varying temperature and seasonal changes.

Without years of proper care and maintenance, the structure could collapse and become unrepairable, which could result in extensive and expensive repairs or rebuilding. A broken bridge cannot be fixed without the desire, proper know-how and tools to effectively repair the areas in need of drastic attention.

Bridges can be like relationships/friendships...

A strong relationship/friendship, if built on a solid foundation, given the proper care, and valued for its beauty and function, can last many years without caving in around itself. If not, before you know it, you could be standing in a pile of rubble wondering where things went wrong in the construction process. The thing of it is, even when you're standing among boulders of cement, wooden beams and re-bar, a relationship
can be rebuilt--it may take a lot of work and a lot of years--but it can be done. It is possible to re-build from the ground up with the proper maintenance and attention...

...if the desire is there.

If not, the only option is to clear away the rubble, plant flowers along the riverbed, and stock the stream with beautiful and exotic fish. If there's no salvaging the bridge, then the space where it once stood needs to be filled with something else. It's a shame because, the connection between the two banks will be lost, and without some sort of structure to bridge the gap, the opposite sides will remain apart.

Hopefully one of the broken bridges in my life can be repaired. If not, I've peacefully come to the conclusion that the place where my bridge once stood, will now be filled with the things I can control--I will happily plant beautiful wildflowers and vegetation. I will visit this spot and dream about building another bridge in it's place, and I won't be sad about the one that was torn down in spite of my efforts.


Ames said...

Sometimes its healthy for those bridges to not be used anymore, despite how sad it may be to lose that connection. I hope you find peace in the renovation process, whether it be a stronger bridge or a beautifying of the gap.

Ames said...

Beautifully said.