Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fresh Slice

Crow Farm
Photo by: John Schauss
~November 2006~

Crow Patio
~May 2009~

One of the hardest things I've had to adjust to not living out in the country, with a large garden, is not having fresh produce. I guess I took for granted the fertile land we lived on, and planted on, year after year. Although moving away from the many responsibilities of farm life seemed to relieve a lot of pressure on our family, I miss picking and eating fresh green beans right off the plant. I miss running to the garden and retrieving plump, juicy tomatoes to slice for supper. I miss watching the seedlings grow from little babies to full grown adult plants. I miss the satisfaction of loading my pantry with canned tomatoes to add to my chili in the cold winter months. And I also miss the feelings that accompany the gratification of being just a little self-sufficient.
I hadn't brought up my yearning for a garden to JB because I didn't want him to feel badly about our choice to down-size our home and simplify our lives. The truth is, although I long for a garden to sew and reap from, I wouldn't have our lives be any different than they are right now. Our move was a necessary step in the progression and strength of our family. I appreciate the courage it took for us to come to this conclusion and put our dreams on hold as we've strived to replace the proverbial strings that were holding our family in tact, with the thick cables I now feel binding our lives together.

Sometimes making the hard choices are the ones that benefit us the most.

Needless to say, I was thrilled to see these planters on my porch filled with three of the most beautiful tomato plants I'd ever seen. JB and the kids had done all the work, while I day-dreamed about the future where more than just tomato plants and gardens lived. I saw a life that contained more than I ever dreamed of before...because everything that I love is in it...including fresh tomatoes.

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