Tuesday, December 9, 2008



A word I have always dreaded!


See, even saying now makes me cringe.

I hate the fact that at the end of each semester an exam is given to evaluate how much I learned. I get so nervous having to study a huge amount of material...feeling like I could never remember it all when the time comes to spit it out and answer a question.

What if the teacher is really tricky, and messes with the wording of the questions in order to trip us up to see if we really studied the material.

What if the teacher is really mean, and puts questions on the exam that make no since just to see if we can think on our feet?

What if the teacher gives a ton of essay questions, and I have no clue as to how to answer in an intelligent and eloquent way?

What if there are no multiple choice questions to jog my memory as to the correct answer, and I can't use the process-of-elimination?

What if she/he requires us to give one sentence answers...requiring us to pull the information from our brain?

These are all questions that go through my mind at the end of each semester. I almost start to panic...okay that's exaggerating things a bit. But I DO get nervous thinking about the dreaded study sessions that I have ahead of me.

Luckily for me, finals this semester won't be bad! For my Psychology class, I don't have to take the final at all. My Professor is excusing those students who received an A on the midterm from taking the final exam! That was such a relief!

My English class is doing a crossword puzzle for the final! I know, that sounds so silly, however the Professor decided to take it easy on us because we worked our butts off with a huge writing assignment.

And my Communications Class...well that might require me cracking a book.

So, there it is. Finals. I can actually say that word this semester and not hyperventilate.

Finals. Finals. Finals.

Yep! Still here.

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