Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Year

Every year it's the same. January 1st rolls around, and most of us are thinking of all the things we should change in our lives. The pen and paper come out, and the goal-setting begins. As one embarks on the long list of dreams they would like to achieve for the upcoming year, the scratching of the pencil becomes a furious race to encompass all the new resolutions one finds in front of them.

The question is always the same...What can I do different this year?...and the answers seem to be shockingly similar to the last time those words entered our minds. The yellow legal pad is lined with all the same old, good intended, half-realistic goals that we never seem to accomplish. Such as, loosing weight, kicking the cancer-stick habit and being kinder to others. The truth is, as much as we want these things for ourselves, let's face it, when week 3 of 2009 approaches, we will be right back to our old ways; eating bagels with cream cheese, lighting up, and flipping the bird to the stupid motorist cutting you off.

Really people! What can we REALLY do to make our life better and more fulfilling? Instead of asking what we can do different, how about we search deep inside ourselves and ask the tough question. What do I need to change? Doing something different is easy for awhile, but making a real change is much more difficult. It isn't easy looking at ourselves and admitting that we need to take action or we will never be truly happy.

It's impossible to make such a change without one vital element though. Belief. We have to believe in ourselves, and know that we can do what it takes to make ourselves, and everyone around us, happy.

Is there really such a thing? Happiness?


Have I found it? Not really. I say this because I know there are things in my life that I should change. I know I can be a better mother and wife. I know that if I want to get healthy, I can. I know these things because I believe that I can make them happen if I truly want to. Fate is in my hands this year, and I choose to make the changes necessary to be more successful in my relationships, career and interactions with my fellow man. Sure, it's true that when I begin my list of new years resolutions, I will have "loosing weight" and "treating others kinder" (among others) at the top of my list. However, I will also have noted beside those entries all of the different ways I can accomplish these goals of mine.

2009 can be a great year if we believe we can make a difference in our lives, and in doing so, we may just make it easier for "John the crazy driver" or "Sally the rude cashier" to achieve the things they expect out of themselves.

So, as the new year approaches, lets not bypass the whole, corny "New Years Resolution" tradition, and loose the chance to do something great for ourselves. Let's embrace the opportunity to look long and hard in the mirror at ourselves. Sure, as you gaze at your reflection, there may be a few more wrinkles and pounds staring back at you. That's okay. Give yourself a wink, and make a secret pack with the image before you, to move on to bigger, better and greater things. Just believe in yourself, and you will.

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