Thursday, May 28, 2009

Couch to 5k Update

Week 3

This week had proven to test my limits and my motivation for running. What was I thinking? So badly I've wanted to give up and call it a good effort on my part. So badly I've wished I never committed to running this regimen and torturing my body this way.

The thing is, my body likes it.

My heart likes it.

My legs LOVE it!

This is what I'm doing:

Week 3
Brisk five-minute warm-up walk, followed by two repetitions of the following:
  • Jog 200 yards (90 seconds)
  • Walk 200 yards (90 seconds)
  • Jog 400 yards (3 minutes)
  • Walk 400 yards (3 minutes)
Sounds easy enough...HA!~

Although I've had feelings of regret as my feet are hitting the large circulating tread-belt, it's always a relief when I complete my session with success and without cheating. I've heard it said before, "Nothing that's worthwhile us ever easy. Remember that." - Nicholas Sparks. I know that if I am ever going to accomplish the things I want to achieve, I'm going to HAVE to persevere and run through the pain, because in the end, it's all for my own good.


Sharina said...

You go girl!!! It will be worth it in the end when you can complete the 5K with ease :-)

{alison alfandre} said...

you're inspiring me! (p.s. and sorry about that friend who deleted you -- lame-O)